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Robin Cameron in attendance


Robin Cameron in attendance

In conjunction with Art Metropole’s exhibition of Robin Cameron’s T-R-U-T-H, a selection of texts will be read aloud and discussed with the artist within the context of her exhibition at Art Metropole’s new location, which Cameron will transform into a book.


Conceived as a book expanded into an exhibition space, T-R-U-T-H 
is the culmination of obsessive research referencing many disparate
sources, ranging from short stories to cinema, and from hoaxes to
philosophy. A web of connections is created around a single topic:
truth. These include short stories written by Lydia Davis, every film
that Jean Pierre Leaude has starred in, a hoax about a temporary tattoo
that contains LSD, and the interpretation of Lacan’s theories of lack.
Book pages give the viewer insight into the individual works, each
relating back to the overarching theme.  With each exhibition of the
project, T-R-U-T-H is considered an edition of a book in the making–with each version arranged slightly differently than the last.


Selected texts will include Lydia Davis’s Foucault and Pencil, Michael Bracewell’s The Nineties and a general discussion of Jacques Lacan’s idea of lack.


Robin Cameron recently graduated from Columbia
University, New York. Her work examines the unfolding narrative of her
own life through various media, including books (such as The Book that Makes Itself,
2011), prints, sculpture and video. Her practice includes narrative,
coded autobiographies, full disclosure and personal mythologies. It has
been shown in Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the US. It is held in the
collections of The MoMA Library, The New Museum’s Resource Center and
The Whitney Museum of American Art.


No Reading After the Internet (Toronto) is supported by LIFT. Special thanks to Art Metropole for their support of this salon.


Image credit: Robin Cameron, edition for Art Metropole, 2012.


Saturday 2 June 2012 14:00  

Non-members: Free
Members: Free

Art Metropole 
1490 Dundas Street West 
Toronto ON Canada