Martha Colburn – Fall 2004 Artist in Residence Screening

LIFT and Pleasure Dome presents – Collage Collisions – Recent Films by Martha Colburn (In Person)

LIFT and Pleasure Dome presents – Collage Collisions – Recent Films by Martha Colburn (In Person)

Friday, October 29, 2004 8:00 pm $5 @ Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Avenue

Martha Colburn, the queen of defiled hand coloured collage animation, makes a triumphant return to Toronto with a selection of some of her most recent films. Since 1994 Colburn has created more than 35 films that are a remarkable blend of pleasure and perversity. Creating dazzling rhythmic visual montages from pop culture ephemera, stylishly intermixed with clips of the grotesque, she transfers a raw, spastic energy onto film that is filled with both irony and humor to create a unique and disturbing cinematic universe. In addition Martha has (de)composed many of the scores with Jason Willet, her partner in the musical duo The Dramatics. Lyrical monster song master Jad Fair is another frequent collaborator, contributing sound effects, lyrics, indigestible nuggets of audio flotsam, punk type music and general inspiration to many of the films.

“The uniqueness of Martha Colburn, to me, is the explosive energy and craft with which she brings up-to-date, and pushes further, the film form of found-image-collage established by Stan Vanderbeek and Dick Preston in the Sixties. She has invented her own techniques and language that permits her to fuse the grotesque images of our popular civilization as produced by our image industries, to make film songs of universal sadness of our times.Bordering on the outrageous, crackling frame energy, Martha Colburn films are naked testimonials of our times, and of her generations.” Jonas Mekas

As part of her artist residency at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers (LIFT) Martha will be sharing some of her expertise in a collage animation Master Class entitled Collage Collisions starting November 3rd, 2004


Wednesday 27 October 2004 –

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