LIFT co-presents “Women on the Verge: Global Shorts on Women’s Experience” at Rendezvous with Madness

Ari by Clement Vermeuil

LIFT co-presents the “Women on the Verge: Global Shorts on Women’s Experience”
at the 2017 Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival

In this fascinating, surprising and provocative package of short dramatic films, we meet a number of  women coping with madness and recovery. Their experience is as varied as the human brain itself, but what they share is the almost universal encounter with cultures that persist in treating and regarding women with mental health issues through the filter of prevailing gender attitudes. What can the way women living with mental health issues tell us about the larger cultural, political and institutional frameworks in which they struggle? Plenty. Here you’ll encounter women from around the world whose stories are both specific and all too universal. Our subjects may be anger (Horizon), unresolved family trauma (Ari), dementia (Piano Lessons), fractured personality (Fragments of May) and emerging from silence (La Chute), but the larger narrative here is madness and gender, and it’s a story that’s far, far from over.


Horizon by Giancarlo Sanchez
Ari by Clement Vermeuil
Piano Lessons by Marlene Goldman
Fragments of May by Maria Pia Fanigliulo
La Chute / The Fall by Olivia Boudreau


Sunday 5 November 2017 –

Non-members: $12.00
Members: $12.00

Workman Arts 
651 Dufferin Street 
Toronto ON Canada