LIFT co-presents “Nuked” at Planet in Focus


LIFT co-presents “Nuked”
at 2023 Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival

The fallout of the nuclear testing during the past century had severe consequences. For the people of Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands, the repercussions of detonating 67 nuclear bombs on their island during the Cold War continues today, leaving mass contamination and the former residents displaced. In “Nuked,” director Andrew Nisker (“Coral Ghosts,” “Ground War”), centres the Bikininian experience by using first-hand archival accounts and following the current mayor and council of Bikini on their stateside quest to seek justice for the islanders. Their goal is to hold the United States accountable to promises of assistance made to the islanders who sacrificed so much, and who want to return home. Featuring rare and illuminating archival footage of the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, Nuked is an essential reminder of the cost of a nuclear arms race.

Sunday, October 22, 2023
Starts at 6:30 pm
Paradise Theatre, 1006c Bloor Street West

Join us for the live Closing Night Film Awards ceremony and a post-screening conversation with filmmaker Andrew Nisker and participant of the film, Mayor Anderson Jibas of Bikini Atoll.


Sunday 22 October 2023, 18:30 to 21:03

Non-members: $15.00
Members: $15.00

Paradise Theatre 
1006c Bloor Street West 
Toronto Ontario