LIFT co-presents “Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John” at Hot Docs




LIFT co-presents Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John

at the 2016 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival


Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John

Dir. Chelsea McMullan


Friday April 29 @ 9:45 PM, Scotiabank Theatre 4

Saturday April 30 @ 1:15 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

Saturday May 7 @ 9:45 PM, Hart House Theatre


John Hanmer died in an ambush by gunmen in the Philippines. Decades earlier, he’d been an upstanding police officer in Hamilton, Ont. In the years between, his morally questionable actions and mysterious motivations spanned countries and cultures. Now his eldest daughter, Shannon, chases the remnants of his shadowy past. She and her brother Michael are shocked to discover they have half-siblings, also named Michael and Shannon. Details emerge of John’s slide from law enforcement to biker gangs, and how he abandoned one family in Canada to start another in Thailand, only to slip away again. Elusive figures leave messy trails. Closure is uncertain amidst fuzzy memories and mistranslations as his children seek answers they may not find. John always stayed one step ahead of his past, but he left behind fragments of identities, recollected by those who thought they knew him best.

—Alexander Rogalski



Friday 29 April 2016 –

Non-members: $17.00
Members: $17.00

Toronto ON Canada