LIFT co-presents “Hogtown Homos” at Inside Out


The Liaison
of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT),

along with
Xtra! and Community Arts Ontario


The Liaison
of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT),

along with
Xtra! and Community Arts Ontario

and the
2011 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival co-presents


Hogtown Homos

Inside Outs
annual sold-out celebration of our local film and video stars features an
eclectic, entertaining mix of emerging and established talent that exemplifies
why Toronto the Good remains great when it comes to queer art.


A Dragged
Out Affair

A Romeo and
Juliet-inspired fantasy set among the world of Toronto drag queens relays the
forbidden love story of classy seductress Heaven Lee Hytes and her paramour,
Donnarama, a queen who works in the competing dive bar across the street.


Dance to
Miss Chief

Move over
J.Lo and Cher! Miss Chief Eagle Testickle has a sexy new video of her club
track, Dance to Miss Chief a playful critique of Germany’s fascination with
North American “Indians” that is guaranteed to make you want to get
up and shake your booty!


At Last

Sit back
for this love story about a lady and her mysterious box.



Enjoy this
fun and insightful profile of artist Allyson Mitchell, who melds feminism and
pop culture in an effort to play with contemporary ideas about sexuality,
autobiography and the body.


Seeking Single White Male

absorbed in this study of a brown body in (queer) white spaces.


The House

After a
breakup, a woman begins a relationship with a woman who used to live in her
house – but can anyone really escape a past relationship?



has been friends with siblings Christian and Lyla since childhood. As the trio
struggle with coming-of-age in a rural Canadian town, they must confront
escalating desires that threaten to destroy their delicate bonds.



Haunted by
the death of a childhood friend, the filmmaker reflects on his role in the


The Ballad
of Roy and Silo

Two gay
penguins receive an all-expenses paid, same-sex wedding in Toronto. There’s a
catch, however – the couple must serve as spokesmodels for a new series of gay
literary classics. Even penguin love has a price tag.



In 2010,
performance artist and bon vivant Keith Cole received 801 votes in the Toronto
mayoral election. Left serves as a remnant of his successful campaign.


Random “Cowboy” feat. Ill Nana

Ill Nana DiverseCity Dance Company, Cowboy bends gender, questions authority
and challenges the norm.



Levy’s 52
probes one man’s greatest fear: getting old.




Wednesday 25 May 2011 –

Non-members: $13
Members: $11 (Inside Out Members only)

TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1 
350 King Street West 
Toronto ON Canada