LIFT co-presents “German Competition/Deutscher Wettbewerb From the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen”

German Competition / Deutscher Wettbewerb from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Presented by the PIX FILM Gallery, in co-presentation with the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

History, Migration, architecture, the National Socialist Underground: The works from the 2017 German Competition presented in this program, engage with the socio-political discourse in their country with unusual forms, performative elements, and very precise view of how things are.

Programme screeing on Blu-ray
Running time:  81 minutes


Maximilian Villwock, Germany 2016
colour, no dialogue, 13‘30“

El Manguito
Laurentia Genske, Germany 2017
colour and b/w, Spanish with English subs, 19‘

Fishing Is Not Done on Tuesdays
Lukas Marxt/Marcel Odenbach, Germany/Austria 2017
colour, no dialogue, 15‘
my castle your castle
Kerstin Honeit, Germany 2017
colour, German with English subs, 15‘

Chanel Nr. 2
Christoph Blankenburg, Germany 2017
colour, no dialogue, 3‘

Depth of Field
Mareike Bernien/Alex Gerbaulet, Germany 2017,
colour, German with English subs, 14‘30“

Thanks to the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Archive Film.



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