LIFT co-presents “BAGEROO Fourteen! Volume 1” at the8fest

Kinsale, Eire by Laure Peigné

LIFT co-presents BAGEROO Fourteen! Volume 1
at 2021 the8fest Small Gauge Film Festival

The programming committee is thrilled to share two wonderful volumes of this year’s Bageroo programme, selected from our open call for submissions. Volume 1 takes us back to pre-pandemic times of travel and movement, tracing shorelines and landscapes (bodies, cities, and countrysides) with the agility of Super 8’s handheld views. The films utilize the ability of small-gauge to draw the audience close, while celebrating the experimentation that the medium lends itself so well to. Whether it be through camera work, editing, processing, or tactile practices, the films of Volume 1 lean into the lyrical, introspective and grainy beauty of the format.

“The River Flows To The Sea” by Rich Fedorchak
“Who Wants to Fall in Love?” By Emily van Loan
“How Much Longer (On Balloons)” by Matt Whitman
“Rocking Afternoon” by Franco Consoles
“La Ticla” by Dan Smeby
“The Ankle Switch” by Todd Fraser
“Nightmare” by Josh Drake
“On top and through one another” by Sonya Mwambu and Nada El Omari
“RASTRE” by Tetsuya Maruyama
“Kinsale, Eire” by Laure Peigné
“Lo repetís hacia adentro con la fuerza de un trueno (Your repeat it to yourself with the strength of a thunder)” by Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes


Friday 9 July 2021, 19:00 to 21:00

Non-members: Free
Members: Free