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Toronto, January 19, 2015—The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) announces that Zurich-based filmmaker Kerstin Schroedinger has arrived in Toronto to participate in LIFT’s international artist-in-residence program. Schroedinger’s artist practice engages with the politics of the moving image by examining the inherited ideologies of media and by modeling how we can unearth and interfere with these ideologies in different ways. Her recent film collaboration with Mareike Bernien, Rainbow’s Gravity, which premiered last year at the Berlin International Film Festival, explores the history of AGFA film and its early ties with the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Her residency at LIFT will enable her to continue her research into film technology using our facilities to create a collaborative discussion with our vibrant arts scene here in Toronto.


The artist-in-residence program, aimed at international filmmakers, focuses on the production of film-based works with equipment and facilities to which the artist would not have access to in their local region. Schroedinger, who arrived on January 4th, will be in Toronto until February 5th. During her residency she will be creating an experimental 16mm film, working with performative interactions with the film image and exploring rephotography of the performance. She will also be interacting with the community, presenting a workshop on performative camera practice at LIFT on Sunday February 1st, presenting a screening of her work at CineCycle (behind 129 Spadina Avenue, south of Queen Street West) on Tuesday February 3rd and engaging with a project with the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG).

Schroedinger’s workshop, called Moving Within the Frame, runs from 10am to 6pm on February 1st. This workshop intends to elaborate together aspects of dramatisation and directed performance within moving image work. Motives such as ‘tableau vivant’ and ‘sequence shot’ will be used as entry points to work with the relationship of the camera movement and the movement of bodies within the frame.

Her screening, Rainbow’s Gravity, Videos by Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien, will feature two videos Schroedinger made in collaboration with Mareike Bernien about the history of colour filmmaking. Red, she said (2011), looks at Technicolor, looking at the colonizing power of colour film by characterizing the film emulsion as an autonomous actress within the rules and boundaries of cinematic space. “Rainbow’s Gravity” (2014) is a cinematic study on the Agfacolor-Neu colour film stock made in Nazi Germany, a historical study that is especially à propos to LIFT as we have recently brought AGFA film stock into our facilities for filmmakers to use as a tool. Both videos provide a set of material histories that help us think critically about the resources that we use.


Kerstin Schroedinger is a filmmaker and musician based in London and Zurich. In her work she seeks to critically interrogate image production and to produce and reproduce images as material of thought. She works with video, sound and text with a historiographical practice, questioning the means of production, historical continuities and ideological certainties of representation. Her practice is collaborative, recent works have been Prendre la Parole at FMAC Mediatheque Geneve with Andrea Thal, Maria Iorio and Raphael Cuomo (curatorial project, 2014), Rainbow’s Gravity (Video, 2014), Red, she said (Video, 2011) both with Mareike Bernien, Times together (exhibition, 2013) at VBKO Vienna with Mareike Bernien, Moira Hille, Julia Wieger.


Kerstin Schroedinger’s visit is made possible by public funding from the Canada Council for the Arts through their Visiting Foreign Artists program.


Moving within the Frame with Kerstin Schroedinger
Sunday, February 1, 2015
10:00am – 6:00pm
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)
1137 Dupont Street (at Gladstone Avenue)
Cost: $65 LIFT members, $85 non-members
Pre-registration Required. Enrolment limit to 8
Register: 416.588.6444 Ext. 221
Rainbow’s Gravity, Videos by Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Starts at 8:00pm
129 Spadina Avenue (down the lane)
Admission: $5 LIFT members, $8 non-members


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