Enrico Mandirola – Spring 2011 Artist In Residence

Announces Artist Residency with
Italian Filmmaker Enrico Mandirola

Mandirola in Toronto March 4–April 17 for
Instruction, Production and Other Events


Announces Artist Residency with
Italian Filmmaker Enrico Mandirola

Mandirola in Toronto March 4–April 17 for
Instruction, Production and Other Events


Toronto, March 5, 2011 The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) announced today
that Italian director Enrico Mandirola
will be in Toronto for LIFT’s international
artist-in-residence program, March 4–April 17 (initiated in 2004(
. This program, aimed at international
filmmakers, focuses on the production of film-based works with equipment and
facilities to which the artist would not have access in their local region. Enrico’s
schedule will feature programs in each of LIFT’s core areas—education,
exhibition and production services. During the first part of the residency he
will work with LIFT and Niagara Custom Lab to complete his latest film, an
abstract documentary about the war called El Cuento
, shot on Super 8, edited on video and
finished on 16mm. Enrico will also give a two day intensive workshop called Arduino
Interactive Cinema Intensive

on March 19
to March
. This unique workshop
will offer Toronto filmmakers knowledge and hands on training to make
interactive art by bringing this open-source physical computing platform into
their cinema art practice. Towards the end of the residency, a special
screening and artist talk will showcase highlights of Enrico’s body of work.


Enrico Mandirola studied cinema at the University of
Turin (dams). He lives in Bogota, Colombia where he works and researches
methods of experimental cinema. Enrico co-created the first laboratory for
handcrafted Super 8mm cinema in Colombia, KinoLab (www.kinolab.co.cc). He is a
member of the Association L’Abominable in Paris, an artist run film laboratory
dedicated to the methods of “Argentique” cinema (www.l-abominable.org). He is a
member of Cineparallax, a French independent cinema production company, and has
collaborated on various film projects as director of photography
(www.cineparallax.com). His films have screened at many festivals and galleries
such as the Torino Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival,
Mexicali Video Gallery, and the Centre George Pompidou. Enrico’s film Monica
is distributed by the
French Cooperative Lightcone in Paris (www.lightcone.org).


Interactive Cinema Intensive – March 19 and 20th, 2011

Explore the
possibilities of Arduino, a versatile program for making interactive art.
Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the
physical world than your desktop computer. It’s an open-source physical
computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development
environment for writing software for the board. This two day intensive with
LIFT Artist In Residence Enrico Mandirola will give you the knowledge and hands
on training to bring Arduino into your cinema art practice.



The Liaison
of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run
production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in
the moving image. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for
independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production,
post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative
development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies;
and a variety of other services.


Enrico Mandirola’s residency is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.




Friday 4 March 2011 –


1137 Dupont Street 
Toronto ON Canada