April Reading of LIFT OUT LOUD



April’s LIFT OUT LOUD features three short scripts by LIFT members Michael McMaster, Christine Koch, and Shirvington Hannays.


HUNGRY by Michael McMaster




April’s LIFT OUT LOUD features three short scripts by LIFT members Michael McMaster, Christine Koch, and Shirvington Hannays.


HUNGRY by Michael McMaster


Forty years ago, the small artic community of Teo’nuck burned to the ground in the dead of winter, leaving no survivors. Drake Freedmon has come to the small town of Bearclaw to interview John Whistler, the last surviving member of the failed rescue mission. When he arrives, he discovers that Bearclaw is a community of strange secrets. And the unused funeral hall holds the most startling secret of all… the only survivor of the Teo’nuck disaster, Pierre LeDeux. John explains that when they arrived at Teo’nuck, they discovered that the town had been touched by a Wendigo, and that the hunger it induced had caused everyone to go mad and cannibalize each other. Drake is horrified, and makes a decision that has disastrous consequences.


Michael McMaster is a Toronto based Filmmaker, Writer and Make Up Artist. His work tends toward the fantastic and horrific, with an emphasis on the hidden world underneath reality. He’s married with a son, and is currently in pre-production of the short film “Year Zero”, based on the story by Gemma Files.




Hailey is recovering from a freak show that she found her ex-boyfriend in, and is still recovering from the shock. Soon after, she meets unemployed Punk musician, Luke; who woos her in an uncouth way, but what troubles Hailey is his taste for snow. On the night of their date, Luke is visited by his ex-girlfriend, Punk Queen singer/ manager, leaving Hailey wondering why he hasn’t called.




Toronto’s annual Caribana parade serves as the backdrop for this screenplay inspired by Oscar Wilde’s popular play “The Importance of Being Ernest”.ANDREW MILLER currently runs his now deceased foster father’s businesses in Guyana while taking care of his foster dad’s grand-daughter Kate. STEVE PETERS on the other hand is African Canadian and is five years away from inheriting all of his dead father’s millions. Both of their plans in life are about to be dashed now that they have found out each other’s little game of lies and deception. The two long-time friends try to outsmart and outwit each other to get the other to part-take in his little game of “Bunburying”.


Shirvington Hannays started his career in the industry as a stage actor more than eighteen years ago, in Guyana where he was born. After several years as an actor in various productions for radio, stage and television; he became a playwright and director. Shirvington has a mandate to promote the production of more diverse projects that reflect Toronto’s and Canada Diverse and multicultural society. Inspired by his love and keen interest in the performing Arts; in 2002, he created SMAHO ARTS workshop & Guild; a non-profit organization, where diverse artists/actors, can continuously hone and showcase their skills in Toronto.


LIFT OUT LOUD is our monthly script reading series, held on the first Thursday of every month. Come and hear some great scripts! LIFT members workshop their scripts by having them read by professional actors and then get feedback from the audience of their peers. This is a great opportunity to get some input before you head into production. We accept short and feature scripts. Don’t be shy! Anyone (including non-LIFT members) can come and listen.


If you are interested in submitting your script for future reading, or have any inquiries please call Matthew Toffolo 416.568.9046 or e-mail liftoutloud@lift.on.ca. (You MUST be a LIFT member to submit a script!) If you’re an actor interested in taking part in the readings, please send a CV to liftoutloud@lift.on.ca

If you have more questions about LIFT and the script reading series, LIFT OUT LOUD, please contact Renata Mohamed, Membership Coordinator, at 416.588.6444 or membership@lift.on.ca




Thursday 1 April 2004 19:00  

Non-members: Free/PWYC ($5 Suggested)
Members: Free/PWYC ($5 Suggested)

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