Updates on LIFT Operations – January 2022



January 4, 2022

Dear Members and Community,

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto will begin the year at a reduced capacity through to the end of January due to the Ontario Government’s action of Temporarily Moving to Modified Step Two of the COVID-19 Roadmap announced yesterday on Monday, January 3, 2022.


1. General Level memberships can still be purchased online. Renting levels of memberships have once again been suspended. At the end of January, LIFT will revisit plans for re-opening Production Level and Student Production Level membership applications and renewals, as well as upgrades from General Level, and rentals.
Details: https://lift.ca/lift-membership

2. Production equipment rental access and post-production facilities will remain closed through to at least the end of January.

3. Online purchases from the LIFT Store will resume on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 10:00am ET once the Technical Department has completed our inventory this week. Thereafter:
– Store items will be available for purchase via the online store. Current members can follow up with their online order with tech@lift.on.ca to receive the members’ discount.
– The deadline for weekly orders is Wednesday at 4:00pm ET
– Weekly shipping via Canada Post will occur the next day, on Thursdays. In addition there will be limited slots for Thursday curbside pick ups only after confirming pre-arranged time slots.
– Designated pick up person must be identified for your order before they show up.
– Masks must be worn at all times while visiting the LIFT premises in accordance with the City of Toronto’s Mask or Face Covering By-Law 541-2020. Masks include cloth, PPE or N95 / KN95 / KF94 masks that cover both your mouth and nose at all times. Wearing face shields only and masks with breathing valves are insufficient and you will not be able to enter LIFT’s premises.
– All LIFT Store questions can be directed to tech@lift.on.ca
Details: https://lift.ca/store

Please note that prices are subject to change at any time and prices may reflect the recent 2022 increase in prices from the Eastman Kodak Company and other vendors.

4. Online registration for the upcoming Winter season of hybrid filmmaking workshops will open next week on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Registration for the entire season will continue until classes are full. While a couple of workshops will be in-person this season (pending COVID-19 restrictions at the time), all registrations will be done online. All workshops questions can be directed to workshops@lift.on.ca
Details: https://lift.ca/workshops

At the end of January LIFT will revisit our access in accordance with the Ontario Government’s restrictions at that time.

A reminder that LIFT’s operating hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm ET.

For any other additional matters, staff can be reached via email only as they are working from home and not available for phone calls: https://lift.ca/contact-lift-2

For more information about COVID-19, please visit https://covid-19.ontario.ca

Chris Kennedy
Executive Director