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Sachtler 7x7 150mm Head & Studio Tripod

Sachtler 7x7 150mm Head & Studio Tripod
Sachtler 7x7 tripod is a heavy-duty studio tripod, perfect for heavier set-ups and more complex camera builds such as: RED Epic Mysterium-X, Aaton XTR Prod, ARRI 35 III, ARRI BL4, RED Komodo, sliders, etc. 

Includes head, 150mm standard legs, 150mm baby legs, floor spreader & 150mm high hat. 

Kit components cannot be rented out seperately. Please reach out to the Tech Departmant at for any questions.

Package includes: 

1x 150mm High Hat
1x Baby Legs
1x Floor Spreader
1x Hard Case for Baby Legs
1x Hard Case for Sachtler 7x7 Head
1x Hard Case for Tripod Legs
1x Ronford-Baker 150mm Standard Legs
1x Sachtler 7x7 150mm Head


Per day: $40
Per week: $160