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DSC Labs Colour/Focus Chart Kit

DSC Labs Colour/Focus Chart Kit DSC Labs Colour/Focus Chart Kit DSC Labs Colour/Focus Chart Kit
- Chroma Du Monde 12+4R: 
Six vector colours, six intermediate (between vector) colours plus four skin tone reference patches. Vertical and Horizontal Resolution Trumpets to 800 LPPH. DSC 11-step crossed grayscales, 100 IRE white and true black chips. 16:9 (1.78) and 4:3 framing bowties plus motion picture framing lines for 2.35, 1.85 and 90% of 1.85.
Size: 21.3" x 13"

- MultiBurst SquareWave 
Central horizontal and vertical resolution gratings. Resolution blocks from 50 to 1200 TV LPPH. Corner gratings – useful for checking lens performance. Zone plates – helpful in identifying aliasing.
Size: 21.3" x 13"

- Colorbar/Grayscale 
6 vector primary colours, plus DSC 11-step crossed grayscales and 100 IRE white and true black chips. For added convenience, the “CGR” model of this chart combines hyperbolic resolution wedges up to 1200 TV LPPH (15 MHz) with CBGS, for checking camera and monitor resolution.
Size: 17" x 11"

- Front Box One Shot 
This is an invaluable basic chart for use as an on-the-set reference in high pressure and time sensitive shooting environments. Provides a colourist with the full dynamic range of a scene, plus DSC Precision colors and skin tones. Black, gray and white chips, four flesh tones and six DSC’s standard vector colors. Additional larger 18% gray and white patches on the back. Matte finish.
Size: 11" x 9.5" 


Package includes: 

1x Chroma Du Monde 21.3" x 13"
1x Colorbar/Greyscale 17" x 11"
1x DSC Travel Case
1x Front Box One Shot 11" x 9.5"
1x MultiBurst SquareWave 21.3" x 13"


Per day: $10
Per week: $40