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Joker Classic 800W HMI w/ Beamer Kit

Joker Classic 800W HMI w/ Beamer Kit
Jokerbug 800w Classic HMI head w/ PAR reflector beamer kit. High output HMI light, equivilant to 4x the output of similar wattage tungstens.

Simple and easy to use. Plugs into standard 15 amp 110 AC wall outlet.

Power draw: 11A@120v

Package includes: 

1x 25′ head extension cable
1x 4 leaf barndoors
1x Ballast
1x Beamer PAR reflector
1x Clear glass cover
1x Frosted glass cover,
1x Joker-Bug 800W head
1x Lens: Frosted Fresnel
1x Lens: Medium
1x Lens: Super Wide
1x Lens: Wide
1x Road Case
1x Scrim bag
1x Scrim: full double
1x Scrim: full single
1x Scrim: Half Double
1x Scrim: Half Single


Per day: $40
Per week: $160