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Pentax K2 SLR Kit (35mm)

Pentax K2 SLR Kit (35mm) Pentax K2 SLR Kit (35mm)
The Pentax K2 SLR 35mm Features:
-K-mount lens type 
-Self-timer (5 to 9 sec.)
-Depth-of-field preview
-Auto exposure (aperture priority)
-Exposure compensation (4×, 2×, 1×, ½×, ¼×)
-Shutter speeds down to 8 seconds, flash sync at 125th/sec
-Manual Mechanical shutter: 1/125 to 1/1000 sec and B

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Package includes: 

1x 49mm Polarizer Filter
1x Camera Bag
1x Filer Case
1x Lens Cap
1x Pentax K2 Body
1x SMC Pentax-M Lens (50mm)
1x Vivitar Tele Converter


Per day: $10
Per week: $40