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(C-Mount) C-Mount Lens (Various)

(C-Mount) C-Mount Lens (Various)
Various C-mount lenses for use with any compatible camera (Bolex, Krasnogorsk-3, micro-4/3 with adaptor, etc.)

Lenses available:
2x 10mm Switar RX (f1.6)
1x 10mm Angenieux (f1.8) 
1x 12.5mm Cosmicar (f1.4)
2x 16mm Yvar (f2.8)
3x 16mm Switar (f1.8)
1x 25mm Switar (f1.4)
1x 25mm Switar (f1.5)
1x 25mm Pizar (f1.5)
1x 50mm Switar (f1.4) 
4x 75mm Yvar (f2.8)
1x 150mm Yvar (f4)

Package includes: 

1x C-mount Lens


Per day: $10
Per week: $40