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Blackmagic Intensity Shuttlle

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttlle
The Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0 is a 10-bit HD/SD video capture/playback device that supports USB 3.0 and allows you to capture 10-bit HDMI or analog video directly from a camera onto your computer for professional editing or mere playback. With a neat and compact design, the Intensity Shuttle is very portable and easy to set up. As the input and output connections are on different sides, you can simply plug the unit in line with your existing cable setup.

Key Features:

-10-Bit HD/SD Capture and Playback
-USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1
-10-Bit HDMI Video Direct Capture
-Separate Sides for Inputs and Outputs
-Support for Multiple Video Standards
-No Compression Required
-No Separate Power Source Required
-Compatible with Multiple Applications
-Mac and Windows Compatible

Package includes: 

1x 4GB Blackmagic Design SD Manual
1x Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle
1x Hard Case
1x USB 3.0 A to B Cable


Per day: $12
Per week: $48