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VC-1 Video Clarifier

VC-1 Video Clarifier VC-1 Video Clarifier
Clearline Concepts VC-1 Video Clarifier

Eliminates adverse effects of video copyguards!

-Circuitry restores original (master) quality to all video tapes
-Allows for flawless viewing of all prerecorded videos whether rented, purchased, or produced at home (even copy-protected tapes), for personal use
-Auto Sync Boost eliminates horizontal instability and restores tapes to broadcast quality
-Adjustable colour control compensates for distortions
-Circuitry boosts VCR output level to ensure the best possile picture quality
-Compatible with all VCRs and televisions with its switchable RF/RCA video outputs
-Switchable chanel 3/4 output

Package includes: 

1x AC Power Cord
1x Boxing
1x Manual
1x VC-1 Unit


Per day: $5
Per week: $20