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Petrol PMCK - 1 Camera Bag

Petrol PMCK - 1 Camera Bag Petrol PMCK - 1 Camera Bag Petrol PMCK - 1 Camera Bag
The Petrol PMCK-1 Mini Camback Backpack is ergonomically contoured for optimal spinal comfort. It has breast and hip straps to provide better distribution of weight and more comfortable carrying. The straps are foam-filled to eliminate digging into the shoulders. The backpack is ultra lightweight, yet multi cushioned to provide maximal equipment protection. The bright orange padded interior is designed to fit any small DV or HDV camcorders. There are two removable dividers and end straps that adjust to secure cameras of different size, providing extra protection.

The PMCK-1 has an interior zipped compartment that surrounds and shelters the camera optics. The zippered basement pocket contains an auxiliary pouch for batteries or other accessories. The pouch is connected with hook and loop material and detaches quickly. There are interior side panel pockets for additional storage and exterior straps for carrying a full sized tripod.

Package includes: 

7x Adjustable Dividers
1x Petrol PMCK -1


Per day: $1
Per week: $4