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Canon 518 Auto Zoom Camera (Super 8mm)#1

Canon 518 Auto Zoom Camera (Super 8mm)#1
Note: Camera requires 4X AA batteries (not included)

Light Meter requires 2x Wein Cell (1.35V) batteries (included in rental)

Year: 1968-1974
Lens: Canon Zoom Lens C-8 f1,8 / 9,5 - 47,5 mm
48mm filter thread
Split Image Focusing
Auto / Manual Zoom
Frame rates: 18, 36
Manual / Auto Exposure
Detects cartridge notches to set ASA: Tungsten 25, 40, 64, 100, 160 and Daylight 16, 25, 40, 64, 100.
Remote control socket
Cable release socket

​A profiency test is mandatory to rent this item.

Suggested Accessories:
- Sekonic L-398A Light Meter (or) Soligor Spot Sensor II
Manfrotto 504 Tripod Kit  (or) Manfrotto 502/526 Tripod Kit 

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Package includes: 

1x 48mm Close-Up Filter + Case
1x C-8 Tele Converter + Caps (x2)
1x Cable Release
1x Canon 518 Camera
1x Carrier Case


Per day: $10
Per week: $40