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Arri SRII Camera Package (16mm)

Arri SRII Camera Package (16mm) Arri SRII Camera Package (16mm) Arri SRII Camera Package (16mm)
The popular Arri SR (Silent Reflex) 16mm cameras are known for their robustness, reliability and ease of use. The SR2 offers an afforable choice for short films, music videos and commercials. 

See Zeiss Prime Lens Kit for compatible lenses 

*NOTE: Batteries and Lenses are NOT included with this package*
*NOTE: A proficiency test is also mandatory to rent any PL mount lenses from LIFT*

Technical Specifications:
- Lens Mount: PL
- Format: Regular 16mm
- Magazine: 400 ft (120 m) coaxial quick-change magazine for use with film on core or (with increased noise level) daylight loading spools
- Shutter: 180 degrees
- Noise level+ 1 dB (A)
- Power: 12 Volt
- Connector: 4-pin DIN 15931
- Film speeds: Crystal 24/25 fps
- Variable speed unit (VSU) 5 -75 fps
- WeightCamera body: 7.05 Ibs (3,2 kg)

Suggested Accessories:
IDX JL-2 Plus Lithium Battery Combo
Zeiss Prime Lens Kit
- Arri 3x3 SR2 Matte Box Kit
ARRI 4x4 Clip-On Matte Box (or) ARRI 4x4 Swing-Away Matte Box
- 3x3 Filter (or) 4x4 Filter
- Camgear V20P Tripod (or) Cartoni Gamma Tripod
Sekonic L-398A Light Meter (or) Soligor Spot Sensor II

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Package includes: 

1x 4-Pin XLR DMX Cable
3x 400' Mags
1x Extension Viewfinder
2x Gate Cover
1x right/left hand grip
1x Variable Speed Control


Per day: $150
Per week: $600