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ARRI 4-Light Kit

ARRI 4-Light Kit
- any combination of 4 of the following fixtures: i) ARRI 150W Fresnel, ii) ARRI 300W Fresnel, iii) ARRI 650W Fresnel, iv) ARRI 750W Plus Open-Face
- light stand for each fixture
- single & double scrims for each fixture
- barn doors for each fixture
- assortment of spare bulbs (based on choice of fixture)
- rolling, hard cover case to store entire kit

Please note: Arri 1K Fresnels are not included in the Arri 4-Light Kit. 

Package includes: 

4x ARRI 150W/300W/650W/750W Fixture
4x Double Scrim
4x Light Stand
1x Rolling Hard Cover Case
4x Single Scrim
4x Spare Bulb


Per day: $30
Per week: $120