LIFT Newsletter April B 1992

Published: 15 April 1992

1992 April B


LIFT Newsletter April B 1993


-Barbara Sternberg: Through & Through

-Carolyn Rowney: Not Too Senitmental

-Ramiro Puerta: Culture Shock

-Naomi McCormack:Restless Spirit

-Colina Phillips: Making Change

-Mark de Valk & Viveva Gretton: Whispering Reig

-Kal Ng: Stories fo Chide The Wind the Soul Investigator

-Steve Sanguedolce & Mike Hollboom: Mexico

-Sean Jara: Bladerunner by William S. Burroughs

-Dirk McLean: A Table in the Wilderness

-Candyland Productions: The Girls in the Band

-A few details on the Contributing Artists

-Funding Blues by Nonqaba Waka Msimang


-Congratulations, etc.



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