FilmPrint – July 2005

Published: 15 July 2005

2005 July001


FilmPrint July 2005

Volume 25 Issue 4


Table of Contents:

– Eva’s Peace: A Portrait of Eva Ziemsen, by Bunmi Adeoye

– Adventures in ‘Scope, by Brian Stockton

– Viewfinder: Nizo Super 8 Cameras, by Daniel Albahary

– Bill 158: Declassifying the Film Classification Act

– The Art of the Reel: A glimpse Inside Niagara Custom Lab, by Daniel Albahary

– Where there’s a Will there’s a Grace: An interview with Justine Pimlott, by Elizabeth Etue

– Cracking the Festival Code: Six Strageties to Ensure Your Baby’s Acceptance into Film Festivals, by Viki Posidis

– Hateful: RM Vaughan Goes Inside Out, by Rm Vaughan

– Calls for Submissions/ Funding Deadlines


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