LIFT co-presents “Judy Versus Capitalism” at Hot Docs

LIFT co-presents Judy Versus Capitalism
at the 2020 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Judy Versus Capitalism
Dir. Mike Hoolboom

Available to stream May 28 to June 6, 2020

Judy Rebick has always lent her voice to those who need to be heard. Since the 1970s, she’s been a vocal advocate for a more progressive Canada. A second-wave feminist, writer, journalist and radical activist, Rebick worked closely with Dr. Henry Morgentaler and the pro-choice movement and led the largest women’s organization in Canada through the 1990s. Decades of advocacy and living in the public eye coincided with her personal challenges with mental health, stemming from childhood trauma. Teaming up with filmmaker and friend Mike Hoolboom, they collaboratively revisit the past through six chapters of significant moments of Rebick’s life. Archival footage and Hoolboom’s impressionistic Super 8 film aesthetic punctuate her storytelling, which is both achingly honest and endearing. Her impassioned mission to bring about change and oppose neoliberal and conservative ideologies, along with her journey to come to terms with her own identity, show that the personal is most definitely political.
—Alexander Rogalski



Thursday 28 May 2020 –


Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 
Streaming online in Ontario ON Canada