LIFT co-presents “Irene’s Ghost” at Rendezvous with Madness

Irene’s Ghost by Iain Cunningham

LIFT co-presents “Irene’s Ghost” at the 2019 Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival

Irene’s Ghost is a stunning 6-years-in-the-making documentary that follows a son’s search to find out about the mother he never knew. Cunningham breaks the silence and tracks down his mother’s friends and family to rebuild a picture of her. Cunningham was three when his Mother Irene died. His Father never spoke of it and the family’s silence around Irene meant that she was alive only in Cunningham’s imagination as a thistle seed or in the image of the moon. The birth of his own child inspires a journey to discover the truth about Irene, piecing together fragments of the past to make sense of the present. Utilizing gorgeous animation alongside moving archival footage, Irene’s Ghost lovingly rebuilds Irene’s lost life.


Saturday 19 October 2019 –

Non-members: Pay-What-You-Can ($12.00 / $15.00 / $20.00)
Members: Pay-What-You-Can ($12.00 / $15.00 / $20.00)

Workman Arts 
651 Dufferin Street 
Toronto ON Canada