LIFT co-presents “FROM A TO Z ” – Screening and Exhibition in Vienna

Poster by Madi Piller and Daniel Browne

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) co-presents


Film screening and Exhibition in Vienna

April 20, 2018
Screening at Blickle Kino at Belvedere21
7pm – 9pm
Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien

April 21, 2018
Exhibit at Setzkasten and Zwischendecke
Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4 and 31, 1170

Curator Madi Piller in collaboration with Clint Enns, acting members of the PIX FILM Collective in Toronto, will present a group of a generation of experimental filmmakers from Ontario whose practices extend beyond the cinema. All of these artists remain committed to traditional filmmaking practices on their own terms and make their work in a province with its own rich history of experimental film production. In this regard, the artists’ multidisciplinary practices reflect the multiplicity of cinematic and artistic experimentations characteristic of the medium bending work of seminal Canadian avant-garde artist Michael Snow.

The showcase and exhibition includes work by Marcos Arriaga, Stephen Broomer, Dan Browne, Kelly Egan, Winston Hacking, Christine Lucy Latimer, Lisa Myers, John Porter, Blaine Speigel, Leslie Supnet and Michael Snow.

With eight Artists and Curators in Attendance

Film Program:

Kelly Egan – Athyrium filix-femina (2016, 5 min., 35mm, sound)
An homage to the work of botanist and photography pioneer Anna Atkin who in 1843 published “Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions,” an exploration of regional botany that classified different kinds of algae using direct prints of the plants. This handcrafted film explores the domestication of the cyanotype (from photographic process to fabric type) by stitching together experimental filmmaking and quilt-making, providing a feminist intervention into the discourse surrounding the histories and discourses of film and photography.

Lisa Myers – Blueprint (2014, 3 min., super 8, wild sound [digital])
Boiled, pureed and strained blueberries transformed into moving landscapes. Soundtrack made in collaboration with Laura Pitkanen.

Blaine Speigel – VIRIDITAS (2016, 3 min., super 8 double-projection, wild sound [cassette])
“Viriditas” –  A transcendent garden journey through energy and light!

John Porter – Light Sleeper (2010/11, super 8, 3.5 min., silent)
John performs in his own film as a light sleeper under a blanket of Christmas lights. It was shot continuously for 10 hours, using long time-exposures on each frame. Four versions were shot simultaneously in 2011, producing four new versions of his 2010 film.

Marcos Arriaga – Assembly (2012, 5.5 min., 16mm, silent)
Assembly is a short film that illustrates the struggle of the working class in Peru, in relation to the global workers movement. The grainy images, canted shots, still images and Russian montages offer a captivating five minutes of social reality in the fight against Neoliberalism.

Christine Lucy Latimer – Mosaic (2002, 3.5 min., 16mm/VHS → 16mm, silent)
VHS footage of a digitally scrambled cable TV kickboxing fight is transferred to 16mm B&W film negative and printed by hand. Digital interference foregrounds and destroys the representational action, creating a rhythmic, abstract tonal landscape. A hybrid project created with vhs video and 16mm film.

Dan Browne – Lost Cycle: Field / Passage (2016, 2 min. / 4 min., 16mm, silent)
Two films from the Lost Cycle, a cycle of seven 16mm in-camera sketches. Intimate moments captured on film, an afternoon spent in an orchard picking fruit with his family and a portrait of his brother.

Stephen Broomer – Spirits in Season (2013, 13 min., 16mm, sound)
Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in Chautauqua County, New York. Pilgrims and tourists swarm the hamlet in summer, but in the fall, Lily Dale becomes a more intimate setting for spectral communions. This film explores the town’s Leolyn Woods, pet cemetery, Inspiration Stump, and Fairy Trail. Music by Nate Wooley.

Leslie Supnet – Second Sun (2014, 3 min., super 8 → 16mm, wild sound [digital])
The rising sound of drums emphasizes flashes of lights, images of the solar system and a post-apocalyptic imaging of the birth of a our Second Sun. Sound by Clint Enns.

Winston Hacking – Erodium Thunk (2018, 4 min., 16mm, sound)
The author of this film assumes no responsibility for bent minds. Sound By Andrew Zukerman. Watch at your own risk.
Michael Snow – A to Z (1956, 7 min., 16mm, silent)
A cross-hatched family fantasy about nocturnal furniture love. Two chairs fuck.

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), PIX FILM, Filmkoop Wien, Setzkasten and Zwischendecke, and Blickle Kino at Belvedere 21.

Funding supports from The Canada Council for the Arts, Living Arts, Kultur Wien, Kulturnetz Hernals, Basis Kultur Wien.

For additional information, please e-mail infopixfilm(at)

PIX FILM is an independent working studio, micro cinema, event space and gallery. The modular space accommodates diverse needs of individual artists, community arts groups and arts collectives. PIX FILM values digital and film forms of production and exhibition.


Friday 20 April 2018 00:00  


Vienna Austria