LIFT co-presents “Bird of Prey” program at Planet in Focus

LIFT co-presents “Bird of Prey”
at the 2018 Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival

In this testament to ardent wildlife filmmaking, Bird of Prey follows renowned photographer and cinematographer Neil Rettig as he, once again, travels to the old-growth forests of the Philippines to witness the Great Philippine Eagle. Along the nearly insurmountable journey, Rettig and team must overcome the dense forest, biblical swarms of insects, and the risk of never re-finding the raptor at all. For context, the film weaves interviews and archival footage from Rettig’s 1970s trek in which he first became aware of the bird. The film also shares stories of encroaching logging which threatens the natural habitat, poachers who evade laws which aim to protect, and wildlife sanctuary employees who work tirelessly to help replenish the bird’s population. With less than 800 birds in existence, protecting the critically endangered ‘monkey killer’ and the ancient forests in which they reside, is of utmost importance. This film shows conservation at its most adventurous.

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Saturday 27 October 2018 20:00  

Non-members: $15 General / $10 Seniors and Students
Members: $15 General / $10 Seniors and Students

Innis Town Hall's Deluxe Screening Room 
2 Sussex Avenue, Room 222E 
Toronto ON Canada