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Toronto, March 18, 2013The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) announces that Australian filmmaker Richard Tuohy will be coming to Toronto to present a screening of his work and teach a workshop on his unique type of experimental colour processing. Richard is joining us after a screening of his most recent film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. He will be in town from March 25 to April 8.


His screening, Dirty Handed Cinema, will take place at Cinecycle on March 27 at 8pm (129 Spadina Avenue) and is open to the public. Tuohy refers to lab-working filmmakers like himself as coming from the school of ‘dirty hands’; where the filmmaker really gets their hands into the nitty-gritty of film. Tuohy sees the scavenging of film technology left behind by the industry as an opportunity, indeed as a kind of liberation for the experimental filmmaker—allowing experimentation in areas that previously were too often a costly mystery kept in the hands of professionals.


His Chromoflex workshop will be April 6 and 7 at LIFT (1137 Dupont Street) and is limited to six people. Pre-registration is required at 416.588.6444. His unique processing technique utilizes selectively taping off sections of film during processing to allow for various chemical developments. The resulting film can end up being color, b&w or negative on the same strip of film—much like a photochemical version of batik. An example of the process can be found here.


While in town, Richard will be working on a film project of his own at our facilities, utilizing LIFT’s unique production facilities. LIFT’s mandate has been to support celluloid-based artisanal filmmaking as well as the latest digital technology, making it a more sought out destination for film artists locally, nationally and abroad.


Richard Tuohy is one of the most active experimental film artists currently working on celluloid in Australia. His film Iron-Wood won first prize at the 2009 International Abstract Cinema Exhibition (ABSTRACTA) in Rome. He runs Nanolab in Australia—the specialist small gauge film-processing laboratory. He actively encourages other artists to work with film through his Artist Film Workshop initiative.



Dirty Handed Cinema: Films of Richard Tuohy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue (down the lane)

Admission: $5 LIFT members, $8 non-members


Chromaflex: Experimental Colour Processing

Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7, 2013

11:00am – 5:00pm (both days)

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

1137 Dupont Street (at Gladstone Avenue) 

Cost: $75 LIFT members, $85 non-members

Pre-registration Required. Enrolment limit to 6  

Register 416.588.6444


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