14th Annual National Salon Des Refuses 2007

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) presents

The 14th Annual National Salon des Refuses


The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) presents

The 14th Annual National Salon des Refuses


Until 1863 the French Academie des Beaux Arts decided which artists received public exhibition. Any work, that strayed from realism, which defined “good art” at the time, was rejected. In 1863, the Academie was especially censorious, rejecting an unprecedented 2800 canvases. This bold statement caused such a public outrage that the Emperor, Louis Napoleon, was forced to demand that the Academie display the rejected works in a separate exhibition. This new exhibition, the Salon des Refuses, finally garnered artists outside of the Academie’s canon the recognition they deserved. It is from this tradition that LIFT’s National Salon des Refuses emerged.


Each year LIFT presents a non-curated selection of Canadian films that were passed over by the Toronto International Film Festival. The Salon is programmed through a lottery draw, that is, films and the order in which they are shown are determined by the draw. The Salon des Refuses will screen only short films this year less than 20 minutes in length. I


n 2004 TIFF established an entry fee of $25.00 for short films. LIFT will reimburse filmmakers their 2007 TIFF entry fee for their film select to be screened at the 14th Annual Salon des Refuses.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the films and the filmmakers of LIFT’s 14th Annual National Salon des Refuses!

Opening of Japan by Ian Toews (Regina), Imprint by Cecilia Araneda (Winnipeg), Time Away by Carole O’Brien (Aubriand) (Winnipeg), Tell Us the Truth Josephine – A Bitter Immigrant Story by Valerie Buhagiar (Toronto), The Remedy (Kinema Cura) by Malcolm Rogge (Toronto) and The Exquisite Corpses by David Frankovich (Toronto).


Ian Toews | 18 minutes | 2006


Shot, edited, and finished on 16mm over a 6 year period. This image driven film examines the history of Japan since American trade contact began in 1843.


Cecilia Araneda | 5.5 minutes | 2007


The transient connection of two, leaves a lingering memory on one. Imprint is a hand-crafted film, with many sections processed, coloured and contact-printed by hand. Imprint is without dialogue.


Carole O’Brien (Aubriand) | 7 minutes | 2007


Roads as far as the eye can see. Signposts are glimpsed and people from another time are lost, en route to inner worlds of the mind…. Debating the nature of time, three voices navigate the continuously moving space and lead us through grief to the transformative end of the road: time away changes what you thought you knew.


Valerie Buhagiar | 15.5 minutes | 2006


A Maltese immigrant woman walks across Canada on stilts in search for home. Her journey is haunted by stories of her past. Once she accepts these stories she can land. Home is accepting the truth.


Malcolm Rogge | 14.5 minutes | 2007


Inspired by the Winnipeg Film Group’s silent film revival, The Remedy is a stylized tragicomedy about idealism, loss and convalescence. Chloe is a student and radical whose vision of her own bohemian utopia is shattered by the sudden death of her ex-lover, the incorrigible Leech-boy.


David Frankovich | 16.5 minutes | 2007


A camp surrealist musical about sex, death and cult cinema. A cast of weird and wonderful characters struggle to find their place in a world that doesn’t quite make sense. A celebration of the cult of cinema and those who are drawn to it in a workshop.


The 14th Annual National Salon des Refuses 2007 takes place on Sunday, September 9, 2007 at The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto. Doors at 8:30pm and then the screening will commence at 9:00pm. Music by Isabelle Noel until late.


Some filmmakers in attendance.

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) presents
The 14th Annual National Salon des Refuses
Sunday, September 9, 2007
$7.00 admission ($5.00 for LIFT members)
Doors and Cocktails at 8:30pm, Screening starts at 9:00pm




Sunday 9 September 2007 –

Non-members: 7
Members: 5

The Gladstone Hotel 
1214 Queen Street West 
Toronto ON Canada