LIFT 2008/2009 Move Supporters

Many Thanks for the LIFT Move

In the Summer of 2008 LIFT was forced to vacate its facility of thirteen years at 171 East Liberty Street, while construction on the LIFT facility at 1137 Dupont Street was underway the equipment and infrastructure was packed into storage units and the office staff went nomad while coordinating construction, raising funds and ensuring that as many of the organizations activities as possible could continue through the closure.

The office was first located in the Trinity Square Video gallery at 401 Richmond Street West. Executive Director Roy Mitchell and TSV generously allowed us to set up shop for the month of August and the beginning of September. From mid-September 2008 through February 2009 – thanks to the generosity of Ana Barajas, Robert Labossiere and the YYZ board – LIFT was based in the offices of YYZ on the ground floor of the 401 Richmond building. Artist-run centre nomadism has never been so good.

The 2008/2009 move was a tremendous feat that we accomplished, mainly in part to the dedicated volunteers from our membership and community. We cannot thank those who came out to help
enough, and the staff truly appreciates everyone’s efforts. From those that made delicious food to those who packed box after box, those who stayed at the storage facilities with the risk of being locked in
overnight, we couldn’t have done it without you!

An additional thanks to all the other artist-run centres around the province and all the donors across the country whosupported LIFT through the move. We can’t express how much the community support mattered to our daily morale.

Ben Donoghue
Executive Director

Many thanks to the following amazing individuals and organizations!


(Current as of February 27, 2009)

aluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival, Toronto ON
Anonymous (1)
Anonymous (2)
Jason Anderson, Toronto ON
Cecilia Araneda, Winnipeg MB
Marcos Arriaga, Toronto ON
Astrid Augspols and Bruce Hall, Toronto ON
Available Lightscreen Collective, Ottawa ON
Shenaz Baksh, Toronto ON
Janal Bechthold, Toronto ON
Veronika Belianina, Toronto ON
Elma Bello, Toronto ON
James Burt, Toronto ON
Charles Street Video, Toronto ON
Communication and Culture GSA (Ryerson University), Toronto ON
Gordon Creelman, Ottawa ON
Suzanne Culp, Vineland ON
Franci Duran, Toronto ON
Penny Eizenga, Toronto ON
R. Bruce Elder, Toronto ON
Larissa Fan, Toronto ON
Sandra Wadsworth Fan, Toronto ON
R David Foster, Oakville ON
Gina Galway, Toronto ON
James L. Gillespie, Toronto ON
Tess Girard, Toronto ON
Mark Haslam, Toronto ON
John Hall, Toronto ON
Lauren Howes, Toronto ON
The Images Festival, Toronto ON
ImagineNATIVE Media + Arts Festival, Toronto ON
Independent Filmmakers Cooperative Of Ottawa, Ottawa ON
Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, Toronto ON
Sarah Kolasky, Toronto ON
Brenda Kovrig, Toronto ON
Michelle Latimer, Toronto ON
Ran Lewin, Toronto ON
Jennifer Liao, Toronto ON
Sarah Lightbody, Toronto ON
Eyan Logan and Northdale Technical Service, Toronto ON
Justin Lovell, Toronto ON
Barbara Mainguy, Toronto ON
Yuiko Matsuyama, Toronto/Japan
Penny McCann, Ottawa ON
Brad McDermott, Toronto ON
David McGrath, Toronto ON
Gail Mentlik, Toronto ON
Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, Toronto ON
Siusan Moffat, Toronto ON
Megan Moon, British Columbia
Sean Moore, Toronto ON
Elizabeth Nurse, Toronto ON
Kathleen Mullen, Toronto ON
Midi Onodera, Toronto ON
Joanna Poblocka, Toronto ON
Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Toronto ON
Kent Robinson, Toronto ON
Chris Ross, Toronto ON
SAW Video, Ottawa ON
Michael Schmidt, Toronto ON
Elise Simard, Montreal QC
Maria Stea, Toronto ON
Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto ON
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Toronto ON
Trinity Square Video, Toronto ON
Cheyanne Turions, Vancouver BC
Lisa Valencia-Svensson, Toronto ON
Mark Van de Ven, Toronto ON
Carolyn Wong, Toronto ON
Michael Zryd, Toronto ON


Seneca Aaron
Frank Abankwah
Hana Abdul
Marcos Arriaga
Shenaz Baksh
Miles Barnes
Neil Bhakta
Wendy Banks
Ana Barajas
Michael Barker
Janal Bechthold
Nicole Benoit
Greg Boa
James Burt
Spider Campos
Stacey Case
Jeff Chan
Petra Chang
Showwei Chu
Jeff Crawford
Lesley Culp
Kelly Egan
Larissa Fan
Sedina Fiati
David Frankovich
Norma Garcia
Chris Gehman
Tracy German
Tess Girard
Peter Gugeler
Jim Granda
Maureen Grant
Rebecca Gruihn
John Hall
Shirvington Hannays
Joanne Healy
Martin Heath
Felix Heeb
Sebastjan Henrickson
Lianna Hillerup
David Hodge
Phil Hoffman
Kevin Howes
Lauren Howes
Elizabeth Jackson
Bennett Jones-Phillips
Jose Joyette
Gabriel Kastner
Milada Kovacova
William Lam
Marie Hélène Leblanc
Andrew Lennox
Sarah Lightbody
Amanda Lo
Erika Loic
David Lowe
Shawn Lui
Laurel MacDonald
Ed Makuch
Ivan Mainborg
Barbara Mainguy
George Manesiotis
Alexi Manis
Barbara Mann
Lucas Martin
Mari McMillian
Gail Mentlik
Brad Miller
Aimee Mitchell
Roy Mitchell
Siue Moffat
Ryan Moleiro
Brian Montenegro
Sean Moore
Sheila Morris
Kathleen Mullen
Lisa Murzin
Raj Nandy
Naomi Okabe
Craig Orrette
David Owen
Keshav Paneri
Todd Parker
Andrew J. Paterson
Deniz Pekuz
Richard Pierre
Madi Piller
John Porter
Hugh Probyn
Chris Quibell
Tara Poitras
Justin Ramdail
Aubrey Reeves
Valia Reinsalu
Brian Roche
Chris Ross
Julius Sandor
Michael Schmidt
Alexandra Semakula
Elise Simard
Genne Speers
Jeff Sterne
David Thompson
Tafewa Turner
Kate Wilson
Jason Wolkowski
Farrah Yip
Dan Young
Brian Yung


Jonathan Culp
James Gillespie
Gisele Gordon
Siue Moffat
Tara Poitras


Thanks to Charles Street Video and Trinity Square Video giving their members equipment credits for volunteering to help LIFT. Also thanks to the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre for donating 48 hours of staff time to volunteer for LIFT.

Special thanks to Christina Battle, Scott Miller Berry, Alexi Manis, Sara MacLean and twig design for organizing our MOVE IT LIFT IT fundraiser back in July. LIFT appreciates the generosity of Heather
Haynes and Toronto Free Gallery for the use of their space, and all the donors for donations amazing prizes.

Special super thanks to Trinity Square Video and YYZ for hosting our temporary offices and putting up with all our eccentricities. Anything you ever need we’re there.