Video Projection Mapping with TouchDesigner

Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
Enrolment is limited to: 

In this workshop we will only be scratching the surface of the multi-media software tool TouchDesigner. The focus will be placed on creating real-time generative visuals and video mapping them on 3-dimensional objects. TouchDesigner will not only blow your mind with its creative possibilities, but will also enable you to construct complex multi-media projects and tailor them to your specific needs and outcomes. This workshop is designed to teach both newcomers as well as participants who attended the previous Video Projection Mapping workshop and used the Resolume Arena software. Get ready for an exciting programming adventure.

This workshop is recommended as a companion to the Video Projection Mapping workshop. Be sure to bring your DIY spirit and a laptop (Mac or PC). Please email by Monday November 26, 2018 if you do not have a laptop and wish to take this workshop. All laptops must be able to function proficiently with the software.



Ilze Briede is a multi-media digital artist specializing in video and installation art. With many years of experience working on live video projects for theatre and music events, Ilze also shares a passion for craft, sculpture and fine art. Her versatile thinking and commitment to blend different media together has provided her a multi faceted and no-boundary approach when creating art. She has exhibited works at the InterAccess gallery and Fashion Art Toronto, and is incredibly proud to be a part of Liaison of Independant Filmmakers of Toronto.