Intermediate Camera Operation with the Aaton and Arri SRII

Advance your camera skills with LIFT’s professional and affordable 16mm cameras
Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
Enrolment is limited to: 

This workshop is intended for those who have a basic understanding of the principles of cinematography, and would like to learn more about artistic and technical aspects of working with LIFT’s ARRI SRII and Aaton Super 16 XTR. The workshop will be devoted to demonstrating some of the intricacies of these 16mm cameras, lenses, filters, operating the follow focus and video assist in order to communicate their vision to the DOP. They will experiment with the camera’s different features, exposure, film stocks, gels and mixing of colour temperatures.

Prerequisite: Practical experience shooting 16mm film is required.


Gerry Mendoza started out in Montreal as an editor/cameraman shortly after graduating from Ryerson University’s Film Program with a B.A.A. in Photographic Arts Film Studies in 1990. As director of photography his credits range from dramatic features and shorts to music and corporate videos and commercials. Gerry has also produced and directed dramatic shorts, music and corporate videos as well as promos.
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