Editing on Film

Time tested and hands on - edit your film on celluloid
Saturday, August 21, 2010 - 1:00pm - 7:00pm
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Turn your Mac off and go analog all the way! This workshop will introduce you to the techniques and technology of celluloid picture editing. Participants will learn useful tips and procedures to the preparatory stages and get to know the basics of the Steenbeck flatbed, the rewind bench, mag transfer and tape splicer. Learn how to maintain sync, work with leader, and sort your shots in the trim bin. Finally, find out how to mark a work print for the negative cutter and prepare your elements for safe storage. This workshop chiefly concerns practices surrounding the 35mm film gauge, however frequent reference will be to the popular 16mm film format as well.


Anthony Cristiano is a film scholar, writer, and director. Holds a Ph.D. from U of T and has taught in American and Canadian schools. He chaired the Interuniversity Film Program in Halifax and taught film courses/workshops at Dalhousie, coops in Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Toronto. As a scholar Anthony's major interest pertains to the history of the cinematic language. He's the author of The Adolescent, and The Graviton, collection of scripts and other works. Infinitely Near (1999 Montreal World Film Festival), Intervalli chiaroscuri (2002 Bravo!), La Risata (2005 Atlantic Film Festival), A Matter of Style (2006 VertexList Gallery NY; USF Bergen, Norway).