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Introduction to Sound Recording

The biggest technical shortcoming of many videos and independent films is the sound, give your project a boost with one of the most important jobs on set. Participants will explore the different types of recorders, microphones and mixers used in a low budget independent film production and DIY projects. Learn the foundational theory and hands-on practice of location sound recording, professional recording techniques, on-set and location tips and the responsibilities of the sound team.

Please note that a workshop does not substitute the need for LIFT members to perform a proficiency test in order to rent particular LIFT equipment and/or facilities from our Technical Department.

Sat 29 October 2022, 10 am - 6 pm   
(Registration deadline is Fri 28 October 5:00 pm)

Instructor: Deryck Roche

Deryck Roche actively works in the Entertainment Industry pursuing studio sessions and music production projects in Toronto Canada. He has been fortunate to work with many great composers, producers, musicians, and artists on numerous album projects and remixes nationally and internationally since 1998.

He began teaching audio production in 2003 at Harris Institute showing students the latest music production techniques using LOGIC Pro for the APP3 CRP course. The course involves various music production techniques, recording, mixing, remixing and audio sound design techniques.

Since 2008 Deryck's focus has been on TV Post Production, Game Audio Production and VO Audio Production. He gained significant knowledge and experience from some of the best companies in North America, eg. S&S Post Productions, Marble Media, Cadesky Dyer Music, Platform Productions, Leader Media, Bancseater Production and Breakthrough Entertainment.

Recording, Mixing Music and Teaching Music Production.

Pro Audio Tech Consultant for Logic Studio, Pro Tools Software and related Audio Interface Hardware.

Location: In Person
Category: Sound
Maximum Capacity: 8
8 hours of instruction $150 /member$175 /nonmember