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Extreme Low Budget Analogue Filmmaking

Analogue filmmaking at its simplest: shoot, process and project in a day. In this workshop Regular 8mm black and white film will be shot on site, processed in buckets, then slit (or not) and projected. Participants will feel the winding and whirring of a non-electric camera, the hand dunking of unspooled film in liquid photo chemicals, the thrill of hundreds of tiny pictures emerging and the threading and running of a projector. Prepare to be affected by the process of latent imaging: shooting but not seeing images until you develop them in the darkroom. Get to know the touch of celluloid sprocketed film and the magic it exudes.For projection you can choose to slit the double 8mm (the film that goes around twice) down the middle and splice it end to end, or keep it as it is. Participants will take away an experience of analogue motion picture making that, contrary to digital immediacy, involves hands-on labour, waiting and anticipation. 

Workshop includes:
- Regular 8mm Camera Workshop 
- Regular 8mm Fomapan R100 (half roll reversal)
- Camera/s (Bolex B8, Kodak Brownie)
- Chemistry and use of Darkroom for Processing
- Screening of Completed Films
- Completed Analogue Film

The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking and Camera Theory workshops are recommended as prerequisites. 

Sat 4 April 2020, 10 am - 6 pm   
(Registration deadline is Sat 4 April 9:00 am)

Instructor: Sandy McLennan

Sandy McLennan is immersed in the local geography via cameras, sound recorders and a darkroom. A 1981 Sheridan College Media Arts graduate and a veteran Audio-Visual/Computer Technician in schools, he performed with the Canadian Opera Company at age 7, shot 35mm slides in Hong Kong in 1970, tape recorded R.Murray Schafer’s lake opera in 1981, documented a canoe trip on 16mm film, resurrected his photochemical practice and received grants to teach analogue/pinhole photography. He has exhibited motion pictures, photography, installation/performance and sound.

Category: Introduction to Filmmaking
Maximum Capacity: 6
8 hours of instruction $150 /member$175 /nonmember