LIFT Newsletter March/April 2002

Publish Date: 
1 Apr 2002
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LIFT Newsletter January/February 2002

Volume 22, Number 2


Table of Contents:

- Optical Illusion 101: A Post-Apocalyptic Review by Karyn Sandlos

- Handmade Digi-Film: A Love Story by Jeff Sterne

- A Practical Disaster: Hand Processing as a Living Art Experience by Madi Piller

- After the Heartbreak: My First JK Experience by John Price

- Some Kind of Eulogy, A Journey by Christina Zeidler

- Gone Swishin' by Phil Hoffman and Aysegul Koc

- What Colour Is Your Catastrophe? Tinting and Toning Inside and Out by Steve Sanguedolce

- LIFT News/Funding Dealines/Festival Deadlines