LIFT Newsletter June 1992

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1 Jun 1992
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LIFT Newsletter June 1992


- 'Will women be censored in the name of womens equiality?"

-Chris Gehman maps out the fallacy of 'community standards' - the latest draconian manouevres of the ONTARIO CENSORS (including the Ontario Film and Review Board) as well revent forms of resistance involving the Ontario Coalition Against Film and Video Censorship.

- It's almost here, "the most elegant and durable of 16mm cameras". Chris Beauduane talks about the Arri SR.

- Bruce La Bruce: confessions of a film festival faggot.

- Public, Non-Profit, Film Organizations in Toronto. A Subjective Chart by Jorn Porter (Contains Erros and Ommissions).

- Carolyn Rowney writing Inside Out the Collective's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in Toronto.

- Wayne Snell on Images.