LIFT Newsletter August 1993

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1 Aug 1993
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LIFT Newsletter August 1993


- Bits and Bites

- An Interview with Clement Virgo by Chris Allen

- Harold Backman Talks to Chris and Clement about Shooting Save my Lose Nigg' Soul

- Daisy Lee Takes a Day Out of Sprink Planting to Visit Desh Pardesh

- Jorge Lozana and Nonqaba Waka Msimang on Images

- The Toronto Jewish Film Festival a Review by Lews Cohen

- What's LIFT at the Fetival of Fstival? Perspective Canada and 10x10

- Zoom by Daniela Saiono, What LIFT Members Are Up to (Keep us Informed)

- Know Your Rights! What to Expect as a Volunteer Crew Member By One Who Knows, Ms. Julie Oiellon

- Deadlines, Classifieds, LIFT Monthly Screenings, Discounts, Etc