FilmPrint - November 2005

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15 Nov 2005
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FilmPrint November 2005

Volume 25, Issue 6


Table of Contents:

- Poetry Perfections: Verse and Celluloid in Poetry/Projections, by Wanda Nanibush

- Gearing up: The Reel 2005 Asian Film Festival, Kathleen Olmstead

- Wish You Were Here: Postcards to Polley, by Keith Cole

- Hands On: Visual Artists Attack (And Create) Film, by Hilary Buttrick

- Viewfinder: Designing Your Crew, by Julie Ouellon

- The Super 8: Deirdre Logue

- After the Fire: Carl E. Brown on the making of URBAN FIRE (Part Two)

- Accepting Rejection: Annual Salon des Refuses and Silent Auction, by Kathleen Olmstead

- Bulletin Board