FilmPrint - May/June 2006

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15 May 2006
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FilmPrint May/June 2006

Volume 26, Issue 3


Table of Contents:

-  From the Mouths of Babes: Teen Female Eye Filmmakers Talk, by Daniella Newman

-  Red, Hot and Docs: Features previewed from 2006 HotDocs

- AluCine-ting: aluCine's 7th annual offering, by Deirdre Swain

- Weathering the Storm with George Kuchar, by Christina L. Battle

- LIFT 25: Co-ops, distribution centres, production facilities, and more for media artists, by Corinna vonGerwen, Kathleen Olmstead an Annie MacDonnel

- Oy of the Beholder: 14th Toronto Jewish Film Festival, by Daniella Newman

- How to: Make Fake Blood, by Victor Fan