LIFT carries out a variety of publications projects in support of our broader work in media art production. From 1985 - 2007 the organization published a regular magazine documenting happenings, controversies and DIY guides related to film production in Toronto and beyond. In 2007 LIFT discontinued the magazine to dedicate our resources to production and training. We are still publishing exhibition catalogues on a project basis and will be releasing our first book in collaboration with the Images Festival and YYZ Books in 2013.


The archive below includes all LIFT's magazines and our more recent exhibition catalogues for download as pdfs. Many thanks to the LIFT members who spent hundreds of hours scanning the masters of the early publications to produce this archive. Without their contribution to our collective history this project would be impossible.


All material is copyright of LIFT and/or the individual authors and may not be reproduced in any media without written consent. Researchers and those wishing to reprint material and/or secure higher resolution copies should contact LIFT's administration via the contact form.

Explosion in the Movie Machine is a new anthology (co-published by LIFT and the Images Festival) of contemporary reflections,

Program notes for LIFT's 30 x 30 screening at Jackman Hall, January 21, 2012.


Artists: Nobu Adilman, Scott Miller Berry, Francisca Duran, Larissa Fan, Tess Girard, Chris Kennedy

Program notes for LIFT's 30 x 30 screening at Jackman Hall, January 20, 2012.


Artists: Ulysses Castellanos, Alison Duke, Ant Horasanli,  Jean-Paul Kelly, Jorge Lozano, Midi

Program notes for LIFT's 30 x 30 screening at Jackman Hall, January 19, 2012.


Artists: Marcos Arriaga, Christina Battle, R. Bruce Elder, Mike Hoolboom,  Heather Keung,

Curatorial essay by Larissa Fan


Artists: John Cannizzaro, John Porter, Dagie Brundert, Kika Thorne, Roy Mitchell, Gail Mentlik & Anne Borden, Robert Kennedy, Allyson

Curatorial essay by Larissa Fan


Artists: Christina Battle, Kelly Egan, Sonia Bridge, Louise Bourque, John Price, Eve Gordon & Sam Hamilton

Curatorial essay by Chris Kennedy


Artists: Rosario Sotelo, Philip Hoffman, Joyce Wieland and Hollis Frampton, Rose Lowder, Susan Oxtoby, Cara Morton, Barbara Sternberg, Chris

Curatorial essay by Chris Kennedy


Artist: Alex MacKenzie


Strategies of the Medium III: In the Dark
In this screening LIFT continues with

Curatorial essay by Chris Gehman


Artists: Gary Popovich, Louise Bourque, John Kneller, Amanda Dawn Christie, Martin Arnold, Alexandre Larose, François Miron, Christina Battle,

Curatorial essay by Chris Gehman


Artists: Chris Gehman, Ed Ackerman & Colin Morton, Rick Raxlen, Amy Lockhart, Larry Jordan, Wendy Tilby, Jonathan Amitay Frank &

Curatorial essay by Ben Donoghue


Artists: Adrian Blackwell, Daniel Young and Christian Giroux


These two new silent 35mm architectural films form the initial

FilmPrint Summer 2007

Volume 27, Issue 3


Table of Contents:

- Contributors

- The Mentorship of Elle de Champagne, by Elle de Champagne

- First Annual

FilmPrint March 2007

Volume 27, Issue 2 


Table of Contents:

- Wooooo!: I'm A Beginner

- When Patience Bears Fruit, by Glen Wylie

- Hot Docs Preview

FilmPrint Jan/Feb 2007

Volume 27, Issue 1


Table of Contents:

- The Reel Deal: Toronto Reel Asian International Film Fest, by Gloria Kim

- Head Cases:

FilmPrint Nov/Dec 2006

Volume 26, Issue 6


Table of Contents:

- The Beginning of the End? Or the Dawn of a New Era?

Film is Dead! Long Live Film! Special

FilmPrint Sept/Oct 2006

Volume 26 Issue 5


Table of Contents:

- Roberto Remembered

- All Talk: Voiceover Artist Q & A, by Kathleen Olmstead

- Best of

FilmPrint May/June 2006

Volume 26, Issue 3


Table of Contents:

-  From the Mouths of Babes: Teen Female Eye Filmmakers Talk, by Daniella Newman

-  Red

FilmPrint Mar/Apr 2006

Volume 26, Issue 2


Table of Contents:

- LIFT 25: It's that time again! Tax tips for the indie artist, by Corinna vanGerwen

- Images

FilmPrint November 2005

Volume 25, Issue 6


Table of Contents:

- Poetry Perfections: Verse and Celluloid in Poetry/Projections, by Wanda Nanibush

- Gearing up:

FilmPrint September 2005

Volume 25, Issue 5


Table of Contents:

- Infinite Connections: An interview with Izabella Pruska-Odenhof, by Eliana Frederick

- Show

FilmPrint July 2005

Volume 25 Issue 4


Table of Contents:

- Eva's Peace: A Portrait of Eva Ziemsen, by Bunmi Adeoye

- Adventures in 'Scope, by Brian Stockton

FilmPrint May 2005

Volume 25, Issue 3


Table of Contents:

- Beat the Script Reader (Part Two) by Aron Dunn

- Kamera Korner, by Daniel Albahary

- Obscure

LIFT Newsletter March 2005

Volume 25, Issue 2


Table of Contents:

- Beat The Screenplay Reader (Part One) by Aron Dunn

- Kamera Korer by Daniel Albahary

LIFT Newsletter January 2005

Volume 25, Issue 1


Table of Contents:

- Through The Scared To The Scared: A Conversation With Velcrow Ripper, by Daria Stermac


LIFT Newsletter November 2004

Volume 24, Number 6


Table of Contents:

- Like Taking a Group of Zombie Pack-Mules Over a Mountain: A Conversation with Martha Colburn

LIFT Newsletter September 2004

Volume 23, Number 5


Table of Contents:

- It's All Relative: An Interview with Brenda Kovrig by Alan Powell

- Making Maricones:

LIFT Newsletter July 2004

Volume 24, Number 4


Table of Contents:

- Being Human: An Interview with Steve Sanguedolce by Andrew Lennox

- Landscapes of Fear: An

LIFT Newsletter May 2004

Volume 24, Number 3


Table of Contents:

- Hand Cranked: A Converation with Lee Krist (in Two Parts) by Alex Mackenzie

- Night Flower:

LIFT Newsletter March 2004

Volume 24, Number 2


Table of Contents:

- Nobody's Baby: The Story of Keith Cole, So Far by Kathleen M. Smith

- Visual Alchemist: An

LIFT Newsletter January 2004

Volume 24 Issue 1


Table of Contents:

- News/ Deadlines

- Storyboard Profiles: Deanna Bowen, Darryl Callender, Darya Farha, Chris