Film Loopers - 16mm/35mm - 3000' capacity (two available)

16mm or 35mm film looper for rent
Film Loopers - 16mm/35mm - 3000' capacity (two available)

Custom built film looping devices work with 16mm or 35mm and provide continuous projection for up to 3000 feet of 35mm film (current testing shows a limit of 1200' using 16mm portable projectors due to the available torque). A mandatory technical orientation is required for all renters. Loopers are rented in either the 16mm or 35mm configurations, only one gauge of transports will be provided with for each rental.


All rollers are custom manufactured from anti-static plastics.


LIFT provides installation, design,manufacturing and technical consulting for gallery based film installation as required. Please contact us for a custom quote to ensure your film exhibition needs are met in budget.


LIFT no longer rents loopers in 35mm configurations without LIFT staff providing on-site installation and technical training. The complexity of 35mm installations versus 16mm requires experience with the specific equipment used and we want to insure that every project we support runs consistently for its entire exhibition run. All 16mm LIFT loopers are still available without contracting LIFT to provide installation support.


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