Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm
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Many creative people—producers, directors, writers, composers and designers—have to pitch. Often they’re not natural sales people. How can you prevent your idea from dying in the pitch? A good pitch isn’t going to beat a great idea—but a good pitch often takes a great idea to a green light. Some sales experts will tell you that if you can talk yourself into feeling invincible, you’ll do a great job of selling your idea. This workshop gives you more than a pep talk; you’ll learn how to clearly develop your pitches to get maximum attention. We’ll look at what’s expected in an initial proposal  submission, give you an opportunity to pitch your project in a simulated meeting, then re-tool to deliver a polished pitch.



In her role as Founder and Co-President of the Media Business Institute (MBI), Patricia Scarlett draws upon her tremendous depth and breadth of insight and experience in television, film and digital media. Scarlett’s early experience in the industry began at TVOntario where she worked primarily in international sales and was responsible for opening up the Latin American market. During that time she developed and nurtured a number of valuable relationships with producers and broadcasters which have culminated in a number of significant professional achievements, including her representation of Ataranjuat: The Fast Runner, winner of the Camera D’Or at the 2001 Cannes International Film Festival. She is a regular at industry trade events such as MIP-TV & MIPCOM in Cannes, France; Banff Television Festival, Firstview, MIP-TV, NATPE, CFTPA Conference, SPAA where she meets with international broadcasters to pitch the projects of the company's independent producer clients. Patricia has also worked as a film festival director, sat as a juror and as an educator. Through Scarlett Media, a TV consulting company, Scarlett has developed ongoing relationships with many international broadcasters and independent producers: TVOntario, TMN, Bravo, SyFy Channel, South African Broadcasting, Treehouse TV, Norflicks Productions, Daisy Productions, Spoken Song Productions, Loten Media, Inner City Films, Seahorse Worldwide, and Two Sisters Productions.