New Platform Distribution

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm
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This workshop will focus on new platform distribution opportunities, including DIY options or digital based distributor models for filmmakers. In an interactive session the instructor will answer key questions such as: What are new platforms? What are the opportunities to self distribute and is it right for you? What are the challenges and pitfalls of self-distribution? What are the business/revenue models and how much can you expect to make? What alternatives are there to self-distribution? Once my film is 'online', now what? With this course you will gain valuable knowledge in new revenue opportunities, brand exposure and ongoing digital trends.


Participants are welcome to discuss their projects to receive feedback and develop a plan for distribution.


Hessam Ghorbanian is a Digital Distribution and Online VOD Specialist. In 2011, he started researching digital distribution solutions and testing various online platforms which resulted in launching ParastooFilm online streaming VOD pay-per-view channel for exhibiting licensed films to Worldwide audiences. He founded ParastooFilm 2008—an independent Film Distribution Company based in Toronto—and has distributed feature films (theatrical/non-theatrical) throughout North America. He is now providing strategic solutions to film industry professionals and sharing his knowledge as a consultant, workshop leader and guest speaker.