Introduction to Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
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This workshop is an introduction to, and overview of the Digital Cinema Package (DCP), the standard format for theatrical digital distribution. This course is intended for both filmmakers intending to create a DCP for their own work with LIFT’s facilities, and those looking to understand the process and what considerations need to be made during post-production when their film is intended for theatrical exhibition on DCP. The course will cover colour-grading considerations for DCP’s expanded colour space from both film and digital sources, frame-rate and aspect ratio considerations, options for DCP distribution media, an introduction to DCP exhibition equipment (the Doremi digital cinema server and Christie digital cinema projector), and the specifics of producing a theatre-ready DCP in LIFT’s colour suite.

The colour-grading portion of this workshop is not intended as full instruction on colour-grading, but rather the specific considerations for colourgrading for DCP. Participants intending to create a DCP with LIFT’s facilities must be familiar with DaVinci Resolve, and general colour theory if they wish to grade for DCP’s expanded colour space. It is highly recommended that participants take LIFT’s Colour Theory and Digital Colour Grading with DaVinci Resolve’workshops as a prerequisite.



Adam Hunt is a Toronto-based editor, colourist, and post-production supervisor with ten years experience in many post-production disciplines. He has numerous credits on theatrically distributed features.