Grip Fundamentals

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm
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Learn what it takes to be an effective and professional grip. Gain an understanding of what a grip does and their important role in a professional film crew. Get to know the types of grip (key, best boy, dolly), and the on-set etiquette of working with the camera and electrical departments. Topics include basic rigging, cutting light and setting flags, tenting out, managing on-set safety and more. Explore the other major aspect of the grip’s job—creative problem solving. Find out what kind of on-set surprises can arise and learn effective strategies to deal with them.



Max Putintsev is a Toronto-based freelance director of photography. He started his career volunteering as a grip while still in high school. Gripping has taken Max all around Ontario, working on union, independent and commercial sets. Max also worked as best boy (Flight of the Butterflies 3D, The Santa Suit) and key grip (And Now a Word from Our Sponsor) before moving on to Gaffing (Against The Wild) and eventually pursuing his love for Cinematography. Today, Max enjoys significant creative freedom in his approach to shooting. He firmly believes that in film a comprehensive technical foundation unbridles imagination and adds artistic confidence.