Eco Colour Super 8mm Filmmaking

Sunday, June 18, 2017 - 11:00am - 6:00pm
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Did you know that you can make a superbly colourful Super 8mm film using black and white film, coffee, and some pieces of paper? Come and join us on this day long workshop on Super 8mm filmmaking, led by Martha Jurksaitis (aka Cherry Kino) (UK) who is LIFT's Summer 2017 Artist in Residence. We will shoot black and white Super 8mm films and develop them to a negative, using a developer made with coffee (caffenol). Then we will apply special eco-friendly watercolours (Peerless Watercolours), which come as highly pigmented pieces of paper that you just wet with a brush to use. Next comes digitizing the films, and flipping them from negative to positive, revealing a gorgeously colourful and unique image, all with black and white film stock!


For an example, see my film Silva Shade made using this process here:

Eco-friendly techniques + good old fashioned hand painting + a lot of imagination = a riot of colour and form!


We will be shooting on Braun Nizo Super 8 cameras, and probably drinking some of the coffee as well as developing with it. See you there!



Martha Jurksaitis (London, 1981) is an analogue artist filmmaker whose early years were spent looking through kaleidoscopes, exploring gardens, and watching films. She works with the Super 8mm and 16mm film formats, which she processes by hand using a variety of alchemical techniques. She is currently the Artist in Residence at LIFT, Canada, where she is working on an all-analogue feature film. She has lived in England, Germany, Australia, Iceland and Portugal, and is based in the small town of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, UK, where she lives with her love Christian and their gorgeous little boy Luca.


Jurksaitis is LIFT's Summer 2017 Artist in Residence.