Digital Imaging (DIT)

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Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
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In the age where digital cinematograpy continues to evolve, cameras can now come with digital magazines. A digital imaging technician (DIT) is ultimately responsible for all the technological aspects of the workflow from camera, recording, transferring media with data integrity, to consulting with the director of photography and realize their vision in a digital production environment. In this workshop learn the different tasks from an experienced DIT; how to handle digital files on-set, the beginning of colour science and light theory, a one light scenario, and the essentials of backing up. Students will also see a practical demonstration of working with RED Epic camera files, Blackmagic Cinema files or Sony F3 camera files with the DaVinci Resolve software. Digital media frame sizes, resolutions, and codecs when preparing files for post-production will also be covered.

Computer knowledge (Mac preferred) is absolutely necessary along with an understanding of math equations. The Camera Theory workshop is strongly recommended as a prerequisite. This course is recommended as a companion to the RED Epic Camera, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Digital Workflows HD and RAW and Digital Colour Grading with DaVinci Resolve workshops.



For the past few years Shlomi Greenspan has been working as a DIT in the Toronto film industry on productions such as Paper yearThe Door and Ransom. As a graduate of the Ontario College Art & Design he has worked on many film productions, TV series and commercial work as the leading DIT. Shlomi is also a multidisciplinary artist and maintains a productive art practice. His work has been exhibited in museums and artist-run centres nationally and internationally.